We grow FRESH farm produce.

Anita and Andy at Five Ducks Farm produce nutritious, tasty, chemical free berries, free range eggs and preserves on their beyond organic permaculture farm in Pomonal at the foot of the Grampians .

The use of ducks and chickens are an integral part of regenerating the soil. Waste ‘deposits’ from the birds are incorporated back into the berry garden and orchard as a natural fertiliser. The birds are free to express their natural behaviours of scratching and foraging, they help to blend in compost and mulches applied each year further enriching the soil with humus and carbon.

All organic waste material is hot composted on site and returned to the soil. This provides the perfect habitat for millions of fungi, bacteria and soil life which in turn support the health and vitality of all the plants and animals on the farm. We believe this leads to more nutrient dense fresh produce which provides for bolder, better tasting jams, preserves and pickles. We hope you agree.

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