Jams and Preserves
Hand made by Anita in small batches using our own farm grown produce or sourced as locally as possible to bring you the freshest tasting jams and preserves.

We use Pomonal Estate’s great tasting Shiraz exclusively in our Blackberry & Shiraz Jams and Jellies and Belellen Organic’s certified organic chillies in our delightfully versitile Chilli Jelly.

We grow our own garlic and tomatoes for use in our ever changing range of chutneys and relishes.

We often create very small batches of seasonal preserves from gluts of fruits and vegetables so look out for some very unusual combinations!

We supply an ever changing variety of catering jams to many local cafes to feature on their breakfast menus and can make to order small jars for boutique accommodation outlets.

Free Range Eggs

We free range a small flock of chickens throughout the orchard and berry garden along with muscovey ducks and Indian Runner ducks.

They add much need phosphorous to our depleted solis and act as great bug controllers.

We value the diversity of size, colours and habits of our flock who get to lead a long and productive life whilst carrying out their natural behaviors.
Our girls come from diverse backgrounds leghorns, australopes, araucanas, and many crosses of sussex and rhode island reds. We value their productivity and their gifts and acknolwledge the individual personalities!
We sell very small numbers of mixed coloured eggs when they are plentiful but prefer to unilise them to make our delicious lovely lemon and passionfruit curds.

Black Logan Berries
An old variety with leaves like a raspberry, fruit-appearance of a blackberry, and a flavour that is a marriage of the two.
The plant is incredibly trailing; its strong canes will grow vine-like along the ground for up to 8 m which makes “putting up” the canes in Winter a precarious job!
Fruit ripens inconsistently (some ripe fruit and unripe fruit on the bush at once).
Ripeness is determined by deep red-purple colour; fruit does not pull away from core even when ripe. More suited to jam making as they can be quite tart when not fully ripe.

Boysenberries, less vigorus than the loganberries but just as thorney. Sweet and delicious when fully ripe, slightly tart but very fruity when not.
Has dusty, purple-coloured fruit, about 3 cm long and from 2 cm in width.
The growing habit is that of a trailing vine.
On a well established bush, the vines measure up to seven meters. The best tasting fresh fruit in my humble opinion!

Australian bred fine-tasting, semi-erect thornless blackberry. We are expanding our numbers of these versitile berries as their fruit are firm but sweet and they are a pleasure to work with. Great for fresh fruit sales.

Thorny trailing cultivar with large glossy red/black fruit resembling wild blackberry from early December to mid January.
Silvanberries were developed in Australia for their large berries and purple black colour with a medium to fine texture. Great for fresh fruit sales and used to make our best selling blackberry jams